Tracy Farnden

Personal Information

  • Name : Tracy Farnden
  • Job : Director & Business Management Consultant
  • Phone : 01784 606996
  • Email :
  • Address : Wraysbury, Middlesex

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About Me

Hello, I’m Tracy Farnden

Owner and Managing Director of TKF Consultants Ltd.

Arrogance or Experience?

The aim of employing a business consultant is to give you, as a Director, a perspective on the bottlenecks, strengths, weaknesses and improvements needed to drive your business forward.   Business Consultants  will offer a different perspective, gained from a years of working at Senior Management level within multiple organisations.

Every entrepreneur will benefit from someone who can offer a balanced outside perspective, give unadulterated honest advice, brainstorm ideas intelligently and unhesitantly call you out when you are wrong.

This person could be a friend, partner, mentor, or consultant, but without this outside expert support, it is difficult to run their business and learn the skills required to work on it successfully.

Our Approach


Everything starts with our team. We cultivate talent that knows your industry, that recognizes your challenges, and that works hand-in-hand with you to find real opportunities for transformation.


What can you expect from us?

Highly-Experienced Professionals

Our executives often bring 20-25 years of experience with successful operational backgrounds.

Practical Solutions

Our team is dedicated to delivering practical, data-driven, actionable results that improve operational performance and customer experience.

Sustainable Outcomes

For your business to remain competitive, you need processes that will evolve with changes in your operations and customer expectations. We work within your organization to create sustainable, scalable and innovative solutions.